Cleansing Ritual Pack

Cleansing Ritual Pack

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Our beautiful cleansing products are wonderful at cleansing that bad mojo from your home and space. The ancient art of cleansing has been around for centuries. All of our products used for cleansing have been sourced sustainably.

This pack contains 1 x Palo Santo piece, 1 x small white sage torch, 1 x small selenite wand and 1 x clear quartz crystal.

Palo Santo means Holy Wood in Spanish, it is said to raise vibrations, purify and cleanse.

The White Sage torch is used to cleanse larger areas. It smells divine and rids negative energy form spaces and items, traditionally used and regarded as sacred by Native Americans.

The Selenite wand is great for putting above doorways, allowing only positive energy in to rooms or to use as a crystal cleanser, by placing tumble stones on to it to charge.

The piece of clear quartz is the perfect amplifier. It amplifies positive energy and can be used with all products to receive maximum benefit. It’s also a great crystal to place with other crystals to amplify their energy.

WARNING: Please never leave a lit or smouldering Palo Santo stick or Sage Wand unattended. To extinguish just put the smouldering cleansing item in a fireproof bowl with a little sand or soil until completely put out. Keep the stick or wand to reuse next time.